Unconditional Prayer
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Topic: Spiritual Growth Streaming: Windows Media
Date: 18-07-2006

Comments User: jrjsaved Date: 17-04-2007


Comments User: Anita Lindsay Date: 11-12-2006

The last time I saw and heard you preach was @Antioch atleast 5 yrs. ago. You are still a awesome woman of GOD. You taught me something back then that I am now teaching my children. You preached both services that Sunday and that was the night I through the anxiety and nerves pills down the drain. The message you taught was that when someone says something to hurt you to bless them. You taught us how to speak it out and say it under our breath and it works. I am teaching my 12 yr old that today because he and along with other children are faced with so many things in this world. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD for most of his life since he was 4yrs old. He is currently taking medicines and everytime he says "Mama, I am taking this medication when I turn 18" and I said in Jesus name. He just looks at me and says "No, Mama, I mean that when I turn 18 yrs. old no one can make me take this anymore" and I said in Jesusname you may mean it one way but GOD is delivering you and youre right. You wont have to take it anymore because you are speaking faith into this and one day you be completely healed. I thank GOD for all that I am going through with this and I thank you for allowing GOD to use you in a mighty way because now I can say "THANK YOU, JESUS FOR HIM BEING DIAGNOSED WITH ADHD AND NOW I CAN HAVE PEACE..... THIS IS AWESOME IT FEELS SO GOOD TO SAY THAT BECAUSE I WAS AFRAID TO LET GO OF THIS. THANK YOU, REV. FREEMAN LOVE, SIS, ANITA LINDSAY, GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND Home Church Christian Revival Center

Comments User: mtharp Date: 17-10-2006

very encouraging very touching makes you want to get up and get with it love this very godly woman