We're Not Drunk As We're Post To Be
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Topic: Spiritual Growth Streaming: Windows Media
Date: 21-11-2006

Comments User: kcnjulie Date: 11-02-2007

This is an incredidibly drunk message. I'm no social drinker anymore I've converted to being a drunk. Listen to the message to see what I'm talking about.

Comments User: kcnjulie Date: 11-02-2007

This is the most incredible and awsome message I've heard. Talk about anointing and feeling the Holy Ghost all over you... this is an AWSOME BLESSING

Comments User: revrmoreno Date: 06-12-2006

This is an awesome message that all of us need to hear. I think Ill go get drunk now

Comments User: dbutler2005 Date: 05-12-2006


Comments User: aggie Date: 01-12-2006

What a sermon.. please, add more from this speaker if at all possible

Comments User: bksept Date: 22-11-2006

Great message from the parts I heard. I can't wait to hear the rest.