Creating A Climate For Deliverance
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Topic: Spiritual Growth Streaming: Windows Media
Date: 21-10-2006
Description: Copyright C Rev. J.W. Arnold, Used With Permission,

Comments User: DATActs238 Date: 23-07-2009

Classic Jeff Arnold - socks it to the mentality that we are supposed to come to church and have someone else motivate us to worship so we can feel better. Jesus died on the Cross - our job is to come to church and CREATE A CLIMATE where people can be delivered. It doesnt matter what excuses we have. There might be people there who are in dire need.

Comments User: tpalmer1 Date: 11-02-2008

Thank you for this site, now I can hear all the preachers I do not get an opportunity to hear in person and I can forward some of these to my dad who does not have the Holy Ghost. God Bless

Comments User: jamesallard Date: 09-02-2007

Need more Jeff Arnold. He's awesome