Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I contribute messages

If you would like to contribute all or a part of your collection of Apostolic Pentecostal messages to the site, we would in turn like to be a blessing to you.  (They really are timeless)

If you have a collection of messages that are on tape, we would be willing to edit them and after posting them to the site, return them to you on tape as well as Digitally mastered CD in MP3 format.  Thus allowing you to listen to your collection on CD player or ready for you to move to your IPod.  This process takes only a few days, so we would be able to return them back to you within 14 days. 

In addition, we would include a check for your cost of postage in mailing or shipping them to us.

Messages must be by Apostolic Pentecostal Ministers in order for them to be considered for inclusion.

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